A New Year Begins

VIDEO: A look at ABC’s New Year’s Eve countdown broadcast

Well here it is!  2012 has now officially rolled in. The ball is down. The champaign has been poured. Now they’re cleaning up inTimes Squareas millions across the country are resting for the return of the usual business routine next week.  People are also looking ahead to a variety of things.  I’m no different there. 

New Politics
Being the political junkie I am, the 2012 presidential election season is something I’m especially looking forward to.  I have a long-standing appreciation for the democratic process.  Iowans will caucus on Tuesday to decide which Republican they want to go up against U.S. President Barack Obama in the general election. Whoever winsIowawill have significant momentum as the race then goes throughNew Hampshire, the home of the nation’s first presidential primary. 

It’s a special process in which every state has its say.  Of course every state is different, right down to the people and we all know all politics is local.  The process is quintessentially American.

Of course it all will come down to President Obama and another candidate (although there could be a 3rd party spoiler) going into the fall shakedown…which is almost always brutal for both sides. I just love seeing it all come together. Being on the front lines covering it as a journalist is a bonus!

Entertainment in 2012
Music is another big interest for me; particularly considering my strong affinity for classic rock music.  You’ve probably seen me Tweet about the Van Halen reboot endlessly.  I’m very much looking forward to the new album and tour.  Finally, some new music out of these guys after several years of broken promises, but don’t get me started on that one!

Ozzy is also back with the original Black Sabbath line-up.  All-star producer Rick Rubin is behind the new album.  I have mixed feelings about his work but if it sounds even remotely like Tony Iommi’s solo stuff, I’m sure it will be a smash.

Hmm…what else? Of course there are some new movies including The Iron Lady; a look at the life and times of Margaret Thatcher.  I was also quite riveted by the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the latest in the Christopher Nolan-era Batman franchise.  The story is said to have more twists and turns, plus great graphics.     

Other interests…well, the list goes on but you get the picture.  Any new year bring plenty of things to think and talk about.  I’ll just leave it here.  Happy New Year!

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