First Twitter, Now Tout!

I’m now “Touting”!  Nevermind that I haven’t fully mastered the art of “tweeting” just yet.  I’ve decided to add some video to help answer the common social media driven question of “What’s on your mind?” (At least that’s what they ask on Facebook when looking for your next thrilling status update.)

Anyway, think of Tout as a video version of Twitter.  The idea is the same.  Give people quick updates on what’s going on in your life or share a quick thought, however on Tout you only have 15 seconds to do that.  On Twitter, it’s the infamous limit of 140 characters that forces you to say what you have to say and shut up, as one my favorite college writing professors used to say.

Having only logged about 550 or so tweets, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I could say that would be the least bit interesting to others.  Then again, that’s part of the fun.  With Tout, I’m excited to share with people what’s happening with both words and more importantly, the visuals!  That’s what I do in television, so why not apply that concept to the web.

Tout is pretty new, at least new to me.  However, the possibilities are endless.  One thing is certain, you will always get Tout updates on stories I’m working on for FOX29 (and through Twitter as well).  I’ll also provide instant updates on breaking news.  Don’t be surprised if you get some occasional observations on life as well.  Again, the possibilities are endless.  That’s where the fun begins!

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