Love at First Sting: Corvette Stingray Returns

General Motors unveils the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Detroit (Reuters photo).

General Motors unveils the 2014 Corvette Stingray in Detroit.

Stand back.  Stand clear.  Just get out of her way.  Corvette is back! The redesigned 2014 Corvette is bound to be a fan favorite at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

In perhaps the most anticipated unveiling yet of this year’s media showcase, General Motors rolled out a 60-year anniversary celebration of this timeless American masterpiece before a special crowd of journalists and enthusiasts this past Sunday.

They brought back with it the iconic Stingray name; an epic part of the brand’s rich history.

general motors logo

The revised Corvette logo (General Motors photo).

I felt the electricity and elation as the “Twittersphere” lit up with pictures and digital ooh’s and ahh’s.

The Specs

The 2014 edition fires with a powerful 6.2L LT1 V8 engine pumping out an estimated 450 horse power.

Zero to 60? Just under 4 seconds.

GM says an all new 7-speed transmission delivers the speed quenching thunder ‘Vette fanatics have always desired.

The new generation is also said to be more fuel efficient, or as much as it can be for a muscle car.

The exterior side design takes you back to the 70s body-style with the front wheel well arches, while the front and back gives you that futuristic edge you’d come to expect in a quintessential modern fashion. Gone are the round tail lamps and the flip up head lights, but I’ll let those things slide.

A photo of the 2014 Corvette Stingray (Courtesy: General Motors).

A photo of the 2014 Corvette Stingray (General Motors photo).


Corvette is the archetype example of American ingenuity and innovation.  For 60 years it’s been a signature commitment to leisure, sport and devastatingly sleek design that constantly reinvents itself while ironically paying homage to its physical and mechanical heritage.

That’s just my opinion of course, having grown up in somewhat of a Corvette family.  My dad had a smokin’ ’74 Stingray loaded with T-tops, a staple split bumper and that mighty 454 engine.  T’was the last of the big blocks!

I remember going on some explosive drives as a kid (of course we were always within the speed limit from what I recall).

I could barely see above the counsel at such young age but I vividly recall those mesmerizing RPMs.  It wasn’t a bad way to learn to drive a stick either once I approached driving age!

Sadly that car’s gone now, but the memories live on, as does the legacy with the return of Stingray.

You never forget your first love though.  Mine was that ’74 Stingray.

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