A Royal Message: Love Is All You Need!


(Photos are from @KensingtonRoyal on Twitter, with photo credit to photographer Alexi Lubomirski.)

DK ONLINE: Kensington Palace has released the official family photographs form the Royal Wedding this past weekend.

Perhaps it was arguably Great Britain’s finest export, those mop-topped lads from Liverpool who said it best: “all you need is love!” That was on full display early Saturday morning (here in the United States anyway due to the time difference), when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married before the world, also becoming Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


It was truly a grand affair as only the Royals can do, with a rare thing happening.  No matter the divides that have separated humanity, millions tuned in to see the great power of love on full display.

It was the very topic of Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon, the leader of the American Episcopal Church, though his impassioned style seemed to make the Royals a bit uncomfortable when the cameras showed them at times. It is fair to say they probably never witnessed anything like that, which is pretty standard amongst the many fine preachers in America.

Video post is from the BBC.

That was only part of the diversity on display. Twitter was bowled over with chatter after a largely black choir sang a resounding rendition of the soulful icon “Stand By Me.” It’s the very message you want to set the course of a new marriage, and guide it through any storms that may come. It’s also the prime message we could use as a human family today. What if more of us stood by each other as witnesses to the power of love? It’s a grand concept, and one that does not have to be a dream.

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