On this Memorial Day…We Remember Those Who Gave All

US Flag Raising

Storied photographer Joe Rosenthal captured this iconic image of U.S. Marines raising the American Flag at Iwo Jima.

DK ONLINE: The barbecues and trips to the beach or lake are some of the great American Memorial Day traditions, but of course this holiday and weekend is about so much more.

Countless lives lost in the name of our beloved homeland. It’s so powerful and sometimes overwhelming thinking about it.

While I’m thankful not to have had family members or friends killed in military conflict, this day always brings on some emotion when thinking of the ultimate sacrifices so many have made.

Every day I’m blessed to wake up two blocks from Independence Hall where our precious liberties were enshrined.

They would mean little without those who gave everything in defending them. We don’t know them all, but it is a duty and honor remembering them on this #MemorialDay.


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