Body Cam Video of Violent Wildwood, NJ Police Video Has Nation Talking

(Above: A still image from a body camera showing the controversial police encounter in Wildwood, NJ.)

DK ONLINE: This week Wildwood Police released body camera footage of an intense encounter between a 20-year-old woman suspected of underage drinking and some officers who are accused of being too rough on her.

The video of the Memorial Day Weekend incident includes cops giving her a breathalyzer twice before she refuses to provide her full name. She’s accused of striking an officer and knocking off his body camera at one point, before the situation breaks down even further.

It has lit up social media, prompting a firestorm of chatter from coast to coast with numerous retweets, strongly-worded commentary, and anger directed in just about every direction. The video is vigorously reactivating the national conversation on police use of force.


It has been rather surprising watching my Twitter feed as the debate turned incredibly personal with people choosing to attack each other over their views of the situation, instead of engaging in a calm debate based the facts known so far.


A still image from a Wildwood Police body cam showing the suspect with handcuffs on.

The video shows an officer striking her as she screams about how a man should never hit a woman, even if the man is a cop in a struggle.

The woman’s attorney says the video clearly shows excessive force and overreaction. The Wildwood mayor defends the officers, saying they were doing their jobs in a difficult situation, aiming at pressure points to get the woman to stop resisting.

The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the case. A police internal affairs probe is happening as well.

Ideally, it’s usually best to see what ALL of the facts are before issuing opinions but  the sheer graphic nature of the police video and a viral clip from a witness brings up impassioned feelings in just about everyone.  What’s your take?

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