Never Say Never with the Lions!

VIDEO: Highlight footage of the Detroit Lions/Minnesota Vikings match-up on Sunday

I admit it: I almost lost the faith.  As a matter of fact, I did.  Sitting at home on Sunday I watched the Lions go after what I was hoping could be the first 3-0 season start since 1980.  They started somewhat strong, but stopping Viking’s RB Adrian Peterson became a problem for the entire first half.

Then Detroit was down two touchdowns.  Knowing I had to hit the road for a family dinner, I assumed it was all over.

A funny thing happened once I got to my grandmothers: the TV was on and the Lions tied it up! It’s amazing what can happen during an hour drive.

Later came overtime and then the win!

I guess that goes to show you can never give up on your teams even when you think it’s over.  Backing my home team will be especially interesting for the rest of the season being that I’m moving to Eagles’ country.  So…we won’t go there.

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