Media at the Sandusky Trial

Broadcast journalists with live coverage of the Jerry Sandusky trial.

Bellefonte is a small classical town in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a population of just over 6,000.  The quiet, serene community has been anything but since it began hosting the trial of former assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, charged with 52 counts of or relating to child sexual abuse.  I was one of the many reporters from across Pennsylvania, and across the country for that matter, covering the trial.  These pictures show a little bit of the activity from the trial’s first week.

A look at the back of the Centre County Courthouse with sat trucks and security monitoring arrivals and departures.

This photo captures a designated media area at the back of the Centre County Courthouse where former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, his accusers, his defense and case prosecution enter for trial.  The white awning is in place at the walkway to give some degree of privacy to many involved in the case, including eight accusers providing testimony of alleged abuse at the hands of Sandusky while they were young boys.

A look at a podium set up for key figures in the Jerry Sandusky trial.

Various attorneys for the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky would line up at this podium to speak with members of the press moments after their clients testified in court.  Other speakers would include advocates against child sexual abuse.  Journalists would flock the podium with interested onlookers also watching the question and answer sessions.

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