The Wall Comes To Life in Philly

Roger Waters preforms The Wall in Philadelphia

I love what I do. Meeting interesting people, telling fascinating stories, traveling to unique historical places, chasing breaking news, etc. There are a lot of pluses.

One of which came Saturday night when covering Roger Waters’ mammoth concert The Wall Live at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

My photojournalist and I only got to see a portion of the show considering it started late and we were under deadline, but it was enough to leave my mouth wide open; marveling at the phenomenal music re-created virtually note-for-note and the stunning graphics on a huge video wall that ran each side of the stage.

It began with a plane flying through the stadium and crashing into the wall. There were actors posing as military members on the stage next to Waters, who was dressed up as a general. The drums were fantastic. The guitar work would make David Gilmour ever so proud.

Somehow, someway everyone has heard the ultra classic songs on that record. From “Hey You’ to “Comfortably Numb”, and of course “Another Brick In The Wall”. Chances are you’ll hear one of these songs every other hour on your local classic rock station. Hearing them live is amazing.

Waters wrote a majority of the concept album which deals with isolation and abandonment. Some of it touches on the relationship Waters never had with his father. Very personal for him, but also for any Pink Floyd fan.

Sadly this show doesn’t feature any of the other living Floyd members, but close your eyes and you’ll hear that classic sound like the first time you heard the record. The show is historic. A must see.

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