$500 Million for Nassar survivors: Only the beginning of a very long healing process.

DK ONLINE: This week it was reported that officials at Michigan State University have agreed to a $500 million settlement with the sexual assault survivors of Larry Nassar, the former school employee and U.S. Olympics physician convicted earlier this year of abusing numerous girls and women under the guise of medical treatment. The settlement is … Continue reading

Witness: Democracy’s Present Meets the Past

It was an incredible sea of humanity in front of Independence Hall last night. Thousands came out for the rally for Hillary Clinton. It is, however, true that many showed up for a free acoustic set from two legendary Jersey boys:  Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. As I snapped the picture above I could … Continue reading

A Week at the DNC

It was history and it happened right in my own back yard. I was there to see Hillary Clinton’s first appearance on the campaign trail since not only becoming the official Democratic presidential nominee, but of course becoming the first woman to be nominated by a major political party in the United States. This was … Continue reading

Dangerous Democracy 

Note: Originally posted on Dave Kinchen’s Facebook page on March 13th, 2016.  “Somebody’s going to emergency. Somebody’s going to jail.” It’s the title of a great episode of The West Wing; a show I watched a lot in the 90s and early 2000s- when I was majoring in politics at Michigan State University. But that … Continue reading

Undoing Racism: A Difficult Dialogue Amid Mizzou and Other Recent Events

The fallout continues at the University of Missouri after threats posted on social media boost tensions even higher, and after an assistant professor draws fire for trying to call in “muscle” to remove a student photojournalist covering a large protest in a public space. By now you know the president and chancellor resigned amid growing … Continue reading

I Believe That We Still Won…

It was a tough loss last night for American soccer fans but what a journey it has been, and what a national following at that! The United States mens national soccer team fell 2-1 to the Belgians in the end of the Round of 16. In typical form for this year, Belgium rallied towards end … Continue reading

Epic Battles in Big Ten Hoops

It’s a civil war in Big Ten country right now.  It has been years since the conference has been this knock-around, throw down competitive! Most recently, Number 1 Indiana suffered a stunning upset at the hands of Illinois. Number 3 Michigan tried to hold on against the Wisconsin Badgers but fell in overtime. The Wolverines … Continue reading

2012: A Great Year For Classic Rock

2012 was a great year for the return of good ole’ American classic hard rock.  We saw some of the greatest bands from the 1970s and beyond release what should be considered more than mere comeback albums. They offered up inspired material fusing their classic sounds with a renewed passion for what they do; an … Continue reading

Devastation In Colorado

Video: Frantic video shot from a movie-goer’s iPhone capturing the panic and chaos in Aurora, Colorado Like hundreds of thousands of people across the country, I was packed into a theater waiting for the 12:05am Friday morning opening of the highly anticipated summer blockbuster The Dark Night Rises. Just like the people at a theater … Continue reading

The Wall Comes To Life in Philly

I love what I do. Meeting interesting people, telling fascinating stories, traveling to unique historical places, chasing breaking news, etc. There are a lot of pluses. One of which came Saturday night when covering Roger Waters’ mammoth concert The Wall Live at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. My photojournalist and I only got to see … Continue reading